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Zeitgeist is an online public opinion study company that offers online information on topics of general interest as well as those related to the German market. Zeitgeist employs various methodology and approaches in order to gather its data. Some of the topics covered include: Food Safety, Supply Chain Management, Inventory, Quality Control and Marketing. The website of Zeitgeist contains a database of over thirteen million individual topics, which are cross-checked to arrive at a comprehensive picture of everyday German life.

Each topic is categorized into different topics depending on the German speaker's geographical location. This database makes it very easy for users to locate information on the subject that best matches their own needs. In addition, the database also allows users to search for specific terms associated with each topic. This makes it easier for individuals to understand the data, for example, "food safety" in German instead of "food processing."

The website of Zeitgeist allows its users to send emails or complete surveys. Through these tools, individuals are provided with real-time data that can be used for analysis. The site also includes an online editor where members can submit their own articles or review the articles of other members. Through these resources, interested parties in the German business can have access to up-to-date and comprehensive information about supply chain management, inventory management and quality control.

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