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Certified Inventory Optimization Professional (CIOP)

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Modules Completed

Here is your progress report of the CIOP sessions updated as of the latest session completed.

Sunday, 25-July-2021 – Supply Chain Risk, Safety and Security Part 2
Saturday, 24-July-2021 – Supply Chain Risk, Safety and Security Part 1
Sunday, 18-July-2021 – International Standards Part 2
Saturday, 17-July-2021 – International Standards Part 1
Sunday, 11-July-2021 – Industry 4.0 Part 2
Saturday, 10-July-2021 – Industry 4.0 Part 1
Sunday, 4-July-2021 – Supply Chain Techniques Part 2
Saturday, 3-July-2021 – Supply Chain Techniques Part 1
Sunday, 27-June-2021 – Supply Chain Technologies Part 2
Saturday, 26-June-2021 – Supply Chain Technologies Part 1
Sunday, 20-June-2021 – Theory of Constraints Part 2
Saturday, 19-June-2021 – Theory of Constraints Part 1
Sunday, 13-June-2021 – Total Quality Management Part 2
Saturday, 12-June-2021 – Total Quality Management Part 1
Sunday, 6-June-2021 – Six Sigma Part 2
Saturday, 5-June-2021 – Six Sigma Part 1
Sunday, 30-May-2021 – Lean Part 2
Saturday, 29-May-2021 – Lean Part 1
Sunday, 23-May-2021 –Introduction to Process Part 2
Saturday, 22-May-2021 – Introduction to Process Part 1
Sunday, 16-May-2021 – Introduction to Packaging Part 2
Saturday, 15-May-2021 – Introduction to Packaging Part 1
Sunday, 9-May-2021 – Introduction to Quality Part 2
Saturday, 8-May-2021 – Introduction to Quality Part 1
Sunday, 2-May-2021 – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Part 2
Saturday, 1-May-2021 – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Part 1
Sunday, 25-Apr-2021 – Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Part 2
Saturday, 24-Apr-2021 – Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Part 1
Sunday, 18-Apr-2021 – Transportation Management Part 2
Saturday, 17-Apr-2021 – Transportation Management Part 1
Sunday, 11-Apr-2021 – Warehouse Management Part 2
Saturday, 10-Apr-2021 – Warehouse Management Part 1
Sunday, 4-Apr-2021 – Independent Demand Ordering Systems Part 2
Saturday, 3-Apr-2021 – Independent Demand Ordering Systems Part 1
Sunday, 28-Mar-2021 – Order Quantities Part 2
Saturday, 27-Mar-2021 – Order Quantities Part 1
Sunday, 21-Mar-2021 – Procurement Part 2
Saturday, 20-Mar-2021 – Procurement Part 1
Sunday, 14-Mar-2021 – Production Activity Control Part 2
Saturday, 13-Mar-2021 – Production Activity Control Part 1
Sunday, 7-Mar-2021 – Forecasting Part 2
Saturday, 6-Mar-2021 – Forecasting Part 1
Sunday, 28-Feb-2021 – Capacity Management Part 2
Saturday, 27-Feb-2021 – Capacity Management Part 1
Sunday, 21-Feb-2021 – Demand Management Part 2
Saturday, 20-Feb-2021 – Demand Management Part 1
Sunday, 14-Feb-2021 – Material Requirements Planning Part 2
Saturday, 13-Feb-2021 – Material Requirements Planning Part 1
Sunday, 7-Feb-2021 – Master Scheduling Part 2
Saturday, 6-Feb-2021 – Master Scheduling Part 1
Sunday, 31-Jan-2021 – Sales & Operations Planning Part 2
Saturday, 30-Jan-2021 – Sales & Operations Planning Part 1
Sunday, 24-Jan-2021 –Strategic Business Planning Part 2
Saturday, 23-Jan-2021 – Strategic Business Planning Part 1
Sunday, 17-Jan-2021 – Production Planning System Part 2
Saturday, 16-Jan-2021 – Production Planning System Part 1
Sunday, 10-Jan-2021 – All About Inventory Part-2
Saturday, 9-Jan-2021 – All About Inventory Part-1
Sunday, 3-Jan-2021 – Introduction to SCM Part-2
Saturday, 2-Jan-2021 – Introduction to SCM Part-1

Learning Management and Assessment System

LMAS contains module wise Classroom Presentations, Classroom Notes, Learning Outcome Notes, Video Lessons, Audio Lessons, Reference Materials, Articles and Quizzes. 

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Online Class Etiquette

The panel of faculties who are handing the CIOP sessions at Fhyzics are the globally renowned faculties and are in great demand across the corporates. Try to take advantage of their knowledge to transform your career.

Some of these points may be helpful in that direction.
1. Join the online sessions at least 5 minutes before the start time.
2. Post your questions in the chat area and the faculty will answer those in the appropriate time.
3. Be responsive to the faculty’s questions during the sessions.
4. If you have understood or appreciate a concept respond in the chat area.

Maximize Benefits

Fhyzics always recommends that one should go after the Knowledge and the CIOP Certificate is the by product. CIOP has all the elements to attain mastery in Supply Chain and Inventory Management. They are (1) You must diligently attend the weekly sessions, (2) Read and practice the content in the LMAS at least three times, (3) Read the Reference Book at least three times. Now you are ready to appear for the CIOP Examination.

Computer and phone
Computer and phone


For CIOP related support, please reach out to Mrs. Malathi Dileepan, Manager-Certifications at or speak to her at +91-900-304-9000.

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