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Sathya Narayanan

Associate Director, Cognizant

CIOP - Certified Inventory Optimization Professional certification takes the learning of Supply Chain to the next level by having questions which are based on use cases. Instead of expecting students to byheart theoretical concepts, CIOP poses questions by putting the student in a particular role like buyer, production coordinator, planner etc. This way the learning is more practical than abstract. CIOP is based on IMBoK which is the Inventory Management Body of Knowledge. This IMBoK is a culmination of years of rich supply chain experience from various industry experts. For the above reasons, I recommend CIOP certification for Supply Chain professionals.

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General Manager - IT, Ford Motor Company

Supply Chain Managers today face lot of challenges and at the same time this is the space that has lot of potential to get disrupted by emerging technologies. Our team of IT software engineers and business analysts needs to be at the forefront when it comes to embracing this opportunity and make a lasting impact on the business. This requires lot of common understanding about sales and operations planning, demand management, capacity planning, production planning, inventory management, material requirements planning, production scheduling etc. We along with our IT learning and development team zeroed in on Fhyzics. From the very beginning, we were thoroughly impressed by the thoroughness of our Instructor Mr. Venkadesh. We started before the lockdown in physical classroom setting and then moved to online mode. All through the training, Mr. Venkadesh shared his rich experience and brought real life to the concepts being taught. He was extremely flexible in accommodating to our schedules and infinitely patient in answering our queries. He also encouraged good dialogue which went a long way in reinforcing the learning. The fact that he did not hesitate to do certain extra sessions on core topics when requested, has highly impressed us and this has ensured that all of our team members learnt the subject really well. Overall, we were highly satisfied with the professionalism and timely delivery of this training. Thank you Mr. Venkadesh and all the best to Fhyzics team to mentor and mold many more personnel associated with Supply chain Management in any capacity.

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Vidhurar Venkatesan

Project Engineer, BASE Automation Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Fhyzics is the go to choice organization to learn in depth about inventory and supply chain management. Special kudos to Venkadesh sir. He used to take slowly, and he won't rush up the topic. He gives plenty of time for us to learn and master the concepts and ensures that we have understood well. In summary, I had an immense learning from Fhyzics. Thank you Venkadesh sir and Fhyzics for making me more stronger in inventory management.

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Shivshakthi Thevar

Operations Manager, ZALCO Metals DMCC

CIOP is one of the best certificates in the industry that helps you master inventory and supply chain management. The extent of the 30 modules helps you to master end-to-end supply chain management with special focus on inventory. I really liked the way the faculties had walked us through various modules with practical examples and best practices. CIOP is a good mix of theory, problems, and best practices. I recommend CIOP to anyone, either like to make a career in SCM or accelerate in the career with sound understanding of the principles and practices.

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Pushpa Ip

IT Architect at Dell Technologies

I had an opportunity to connect with Venkadesh and get supply chain training. I am a seasoned IT architect with data solution integration expertise globally and currently in to digital supply chain solutions. It was the ask of the hour for supply chain domain expertise. My connect with Venkadesh filled this gap that I had for me in my recent career. Venkadesh's knowledge in supply chain is phenomenal and highly recommend him for implementing or mentoring supply chain at any organization as his supply chain knowledge is international and not specific to India which adds to his success. I wish Venkadesh all the success in his career and spread his knowledge accordingly. Good luck in whatever you do.

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Meka Praveen

Senior Officer, Apotex Research Pvt. Ltd.

Supply Chain is the buzzword that comes to my mind when I think of Venkadesh Sir. I had the pleasure of knowing him for past 7 months during which I have enrolled for SCM certification course under his guidance. His serene knowledge, command about the Supply Chain industry makes him prominent, and he would be an asset to institutions that will hire his services.

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Vinay Naik

Planning & Purchase Manager, Rosenberger India

Its a privilege to meet a person like Venkadesh sir, who has instilled, imbibed and rejuvenated yet again my learning attitude. One of the important lesson of 7 habits program is "sharpen the saw", and if you have mentor like him, it's worth to action the habit everytime. Lot of things to learn under him and I look forward a long term going. We have very few subject matters experts in India and he is one among them. Kudos to you sir.

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Mohamed Ali C

Global Sourcing Manager, AGE CARE

Hello Sir, I have taken the SCM Certification exam and I cleared it in my first attempt (312/350). I would like to thank you for all the support you have provided me in achieving this milestone. Because of your vast knowledge in SCM and explaining complex supply chain problems in simple story telling manner was really helpful. I would recommend some of my friends who are in the same path as mine to meet you to discuss on their career path. Once again thank you very much and I am grateful to you and Fhyzics.

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Anandaraji Manoharan

Supply Chain Manager, Carborundum Universal Limited

I passed out my SCM Certification examination within four months. Mr. Venkadesh Narayanan is a reason to complete in a short period of time. From day one onwards i kept following his instructions. The way he brief the chapter with real time examples, tips for exam preparation and method of reading, keep encouraging and simulating interest on supply chain are all really amazing. Very systematic approach.

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Senior Specialist

Whenever I hear the word supply chain, the one place and face that comes to mind are Fhyzics and Venkadesh. The best part during my journey with Venkadesh is his examples in supply chain and the way he connects the topics with the examples. This made us to understand the concepts very easily. I really admire the knowledge he has in supply chain and I am really proud and happy to have him as my mentor. Thank you Venkadesh.

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Sachin Sriram

Supply Chain Analyst

I took up my Supply Chain training at Fhyzics Business Consultants. I had classes during the first week of every month. The concepts were explained to me clearly with a demonstration of real-life examples. These examples were also explained in the form of graphs, illustrations etc. I was also able to interact with the faculties during the sessions to clear my doubts. The PPT provided for each topic was very brief in its explanation of the core concepts. I was also given adequate amount of guidance on how to use the online class and quiz questions given to me.

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