CIOP Checklist

Certified Inventory Optimization Professional (CIOP) is a sought-after qualification by companies to create a competitive advantage by transforming their supply chain practices.

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Top 15 Questions to decide

Ask the following questions/assertions to yourself and if the answer is Yes to all, then Certified Inventory Optimization Professional (CIOP) is the right program for you.

1. Do you want to master the end-to-end supply chain management body of knowledge?

2. Are you interested to learn the global best practices in supply chain management?

3. Your primary goal is to gain the knowledge so that you can excel in supply chain career.

4. Do you prefer an extensive online training on supply chain management for about 90 Hours?

5. I hope you are not looking for a program only with the goal of placement services.

6. Do you prefer to learn from supply chain consultants and practitioners with over 20-30 years of experience.

7. Are you interested in an SCM curriculum that is shaped by the companies across the globe the CIOP 

8. Is it acceptable to you that the CIOP certificate will add a small differentiating factor (about 25%) to your resume?

9. Are you looking for an in-depth coverage, so that you are future ready in your SCM career?
The program contains 30 modules all the traditional topics of supply chain and includes Industry 4.0 such as AI, ML, IoT, Blockchain, RPA; supply chain analysis techniques; supply chain technologies; Amazon forecasting tool; Microsoft Visio; advanced Excel; procurement; warehouse management; transportation management; packaging; international standards; etc.

10. Are you looking for a weekend program?
The classes are conducted during the weekends. There will be session on all Saturdays from 7:00 to 10:00 PM IST and on few Sundays as well.

11. Do you like to take a smart class where you will see the writings of the trainer and get a copy of the notes at the end of the session?

12. Do you believe that a strong Learning Management System will help you in mastering the SCM concepts?

13. Will you be able to prepare in an intensive manner at three-levels towards the CIOP certification examination?
First-level: Attending the online training and understanding the concepts.
Second-Level: Diligently review the Learning Management System (LMS) for presentation, class notes, reference materials, quizzes etc.
Third-Level: Cover the reference book at least three times.

14. Are you interested in a full-fledged SCM certification program?

15. Do you believe in hard work and willing to dedicate the next 6 months towards CIOP?

If the answer to all (i.e. all the 15) the above questions are YES, then certainly CIOP is the certification that you are looking for. If the answer is NO to even one question, we encourage to explore to other certifications.


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