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Warehouse Management Software (WMS) deals with the movement and storage of goods inside a warehouse. A seamless connection is established between the warehouse location, order processing, and logistics administration until delivery. Warehouse management is not only confined to just the warehouse but forms a critical part of Supply Chain Management(SCM) as well and in its most efficient form, offers high cutting edge advantage to an organization or business. The main objective of Warehouse Management Software is to increase efficiency by reducing the labor input, while at the same time improving service level. It has the capacity to provide customers with real-time inventory reports, commodity pricing and order processing which can be used to optimize management, cut costs and improve service.

The various different types of Warehouse Management Software covers all the aspects of the warehouse from stock taking, to inventory management and asset management to logistics management and order entry. This also includes the complete range of Supply Chain Management(SCM), which deals with overall operations of supply chains. The software helps in streamlining operations across multiple sites. It also enables organizations to handle their business requirements by customizing different types of reports to suit individual requirements.

One of the most common WMS functions is fulfillment. Fulfillment services involve warehousing, transportation and pick and pack activities. All the three activities of WMS play a vital role in an organization's success by reducing logistics costs, streamlining operations and enhancing service quality. An ideal WMS system should offer complete solutions for both on hand and online fulfillment services. On hand warehousing and transportation services include replenishment, pick and pack, and warehouse operations. On online fulfillment services include customized online catalog, bar coding, electronic shipping, data collection and inventory services for both small scale and large scale customers.

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