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In the world of supply chain management, there is a term called "volume". This term basically means the total amount of product sent in a certain period of time. For instance if you are in the manufacturing phase of a certain business, and you need to send out thousands of widgets, you need to send them all in one shipment. Because each widget would need to be stamped with a bar code, the amount of each item would also be recorded. Now if your company does not use LCD displays to make the widgets or if you cannot afford LCD displays, you can use any other kind of display devices such as plasma screens, LED screens, projectors or any other kind of display technology.

The volume of each shipment would also need to be recorded. If you are in the retailing phase of your business, you can simply use a handheld device or a countertop system. However if you are in the production or the warehousing phases of your business, you would need to use volume based inventory control or something called volume based receipt ordering (VWR) or a VCRN system.

The traditional method of measuring volume would be the height, width and depth of the merchandise. If the height, width and depth are known, then the volume of the commodity would be known by multiplying these values by the total length of the merchandise. If you want to know the volume of an object then you would have to use some sort of mechanical or electronic device that measures height, width and depth. These devices are usually called volumetric testers or vMTs. Such devices work in a principle similar to the theory of vorticity, where the change in distance causes the change in acceleration of an object.

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