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The term visual management refers to a visual display that allows users to identify, monitor, and manage the physical goods in any given production environment. This is done by a combination of physical and logical techniques, including product design, analysis, and visual inspection. A visual management tool that shows the status of an operation in a specific area at a given time when an anomaly occurs. This tool may be a simple barcode scanner or an infrared scanner or a combination of any of these. It provides the information needed to determine the root cause of the problem.

MCS, which stands for "Medical System Computer System", is a warehouse management system that realizes visual management of the whole warehouse and can alert the operator when a change in state of inventory is necessary for the betterment of operations. The system allows the operator to monitor all types of items in the warehouse, from liquids and gases to finished products and human consumption. When there is a change in inventory, MCS will notify the control station via phone or computer. If necessary, the operator can also request for an updated inventory report.

Hospitals, medical facilities, and other such organizations realize that the supply chain is a vital part of their operations. They rely heavily on their suppliers to obtain necessary supplies for their operations. A MCS or "MCSA Certified Supplier Management System" database maintains a list of suppliers that have agreed to provide medical supplies that are in good condition and can be used to ensure the safe and timely shipment of medications. Registered agents can access this database to make positive connections with suppliers, especially those in the medical field. The MCS also allows the suppliers to track their stocks, to determine when they should be stocked next and to establish regular orders with minimal delays.

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