Introduction to SCM

Three Entities and Four Flows


1. Name the three entities in a basic model of supply chain.
2. Name the four flows.
3. Differentiate between a supplier and a vendor.
4. Differentiate between customers and consumers.
5. Explain the characteristics of product flow and give examples.
6. Explain the characteristics of cash flow and give examples.
7. Explain the characteristics of information flow and give examples.
8. Explain the characteristics of reverse product flow and give examples.
9. Why reverse product flow exists?
10. What is the impact of reverse product flow on the profitability of an organisation?
11. What are all the factors that forces a company to have the reverse product flow?
12. Why most of the companies have a separate supply chain for reverse product flow?
13. Give some examples where the forward and reverse product flows are served by the same supply chain.

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