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Red Ocean Shipping is a brokerage firm that specializes in international trade. This company has been around since 1983 and gained tremendous experience in logistics and supply chain management. It's main business is its warehousing operations center which handles all facets of shipping and freight forwarding. The warehouse also houses all the company's inventory as well as other distribution centers and their forwarders.

Red Ocean has approximately twenty one thousand square feet of workspace which allows it to maintain superior levels of productivity and service while saving money for its clients. Red Ocean has the most extensive network of carrier trucks of any company in the world. With this wide network of transportation, it is able to keep its clients up to date with their supply chain management systems including truckload and air freight as well as consignment pick and pack systems. The company has also signed numerous agreements with major transportation carrier providers that allow them to move produce and raw materials through these carriers faster than ever before.

Red Ocean is the ultimate source for all your needs in supply chain management. With so much diversity and the ability to meet clients' needs in any of the major Global Economic regions, they are positioned to become the most competitive brokerage firm in the industry today. If you're looking for a different way to manage your global supply chains or simply need a change to your current supply chain management system, Red Ocean delivers.

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