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Recruitment is one of the most important stages in a supply chain management improvement process. It involves careful planning, in which strategic decisions are made concerning the type and number of employees to be added to increase production levels. Recruitment also refers to the steps involved in selecting people for temporary, unpaid positions. In addition, the term also encompasses the activities related to managing recruiting efforts, from the initial stage of establishing a database for such candidates, through to contract managing staffing and budgets.

Another critical part of Recruitment includes creating suitable job opportunities, for those recruited. Recruitment can take place through different approaches, including job boards, professional associations, media, and advertisements in the business and public sector. Recruitment can be done through internal initiatives, such as an increase in training for existing employees, or by implementing specific changes in business procedures, policies, or hiring practices. Many organizations use both internal and external Recruitment strategies. Recruitment generally takes place during times of high demand for a particular job, such as peak season or when an opening is expected to open up.

There are many recruitment agencies across the US, providing both on-the-job and distance-based Recruitment services. These recruitment agencies are primarily used by businesses, large and small. The services offered by these agencies include candidate tracking, database maintenance, and research on existing and potential candidates. The recruitment model also involves using targeted communications to influence the decision-makers of an organization to recruit for specific positions. Recruitment models can vary greatly, from the direct approach of cold calling to a comprehensive and integrated system involving the design and development of an attractive Recruitment program, that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any organization, in any industry, including the large scale organisations in the industrial sector. Some Recruitment models, such as those used by the large multinational companies, have been successful in developing specific programs for targeted recruiting, while other Recruitment strategies, such as the direct approach of cold calling, have been unsuccessful in their efforts to influence the decision makers at the highest levels of the organisation.

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