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Quality engineering is the field of engineering mainly concerned with the practices and principles of product and service quality control and assurance. In manufacturing, it is basically the engineering, design, development and maintenance of IT platforms and enterprise architectures with an exceptional quality level. In supply chain management, the quality engineer is primarily concerned with ensuring smooth and speedy transfer of goods in accordance with customers' orders. This means that the quality engineer must have excellent communication skills, work experience and be able to analyze and measure performance. Quality engineering jobs are available in almost all industry verticals including aerospace, automotive, chemical, electrical, gas, transportation, health care, and consumer products.

Quality engineering jobs require attention to detail, creativity and ability to follow tasks and deliverables on time and within budget. Quality engineering jobs require automation capabilities as well, which can be achieved through automated control and evaluation process, automated quality control, or QA automation. Quality control, QA and testing test results must be consistently generated for businesses to satisfy their customer demands. Automation increases productivity and efficiency because it enables the testing of new products before they hit the market.

Quality engineering jobs involve a lot of hands-on work and the ability to follow set processes and guidelines. Quality engineers are required to be familiar with the newest software applications and test methods and use them to ensure products are defect free before they are released to the market. Quality engineering jobs can also involve working with product engineering teams to ensure that new products meet specifications and customers' needs.

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