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In an organization there are mainly two kinds of circles; physical and human. Physical Circle includes the actual people who work with a company like the employees, the managers, etc and their families. Human Circle on the other hand includes the clients, customers, employees, business partners, suppliers, board of directors and so on. Supply chain management is an aspect of quality circles as it includes the actions taken to ensure that goods or services supplied by the firm are delivered when promised and within the agreed delivery time and at the right place and in the right quantity. The action plans will be for procurement, production, logistics, shipping, customer satisfaction, etc.

Quality Circles can be classified into two types; physical quality circles and human quality circles. In case of a physical quality circle all those involved meet regularly to resolve work-related issues. In case of human quality circle each member participate regularly as well and his or her work is checked by others before reporting. Supply chain management is not just a process or system of ensuring that goods are brought in and shipped out but it also involves meeting the expectations of the customer by meeting the requisite quality standards. These quality improvement programs are often successful because if a supplier does not meet the requirements of the customer then he/she will lose the prospective clients.

Procurement and Supply chain management is very important for every organization. Without it an organisation cannot operate efficiently. Therefore it is very essential to improve and develop these areas so that small groups of employees can handle the task efficiently. In order to make the organisations able to improve in these areas it is necessary to involve only the best and the brightest employees in the organization. This way the small group of employees will efficiently handle the task of quality circles and Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

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