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Pull and push distribution model is about directing your promotional path from your sales floor to customer first. Either by your products being pulled directly through the store front or customers pulling the product towards them. This model is very crucial for warehouse management for large brands, manufacturers, and e-commerce retailers especially planning internet promotional strategies. If you consider this aspect of warehousing operations you will see how critical having the right people on the warehouse floor at all times is to your overall warehouse and customer service operations.

Now if you are a small business with limited space for a sales floor, or a retail outlet, then the pull distribution strategy may not be for you. In such cases, you will want to focus more on the push strategy for your warehousing needs. This means having someone on your floor who will direct the customers towards your inventory of products.

To do this task you will need two features: a pull-distribution configuration and a push-distribution configuration. You can find both of these features in one place, the Configuring Site Components section of your IKEA catalog. Once you have these two pieces of software installed, you will be able to direct your customers directly to the products that you have in stock. Happy purchasing.

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