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A Public Limited Company is a company which is domiciled in the UK but has its main office outside the UK. A Public limited company may be registered in England & Wales but its main trading facility is not in England & Wales. The registration papers of the Company are usually filed at the Companies House in London, England. The main business of a Public limited company is to supply goods and services to the market but it does not trade in its own product.

Private company: The private company can trade in its own product and can issue its shares for sale to the shareholders. But in case of a Public Limited Company, the shares can only be sold to the public or to the government organizations. In addition, a private company must comply with all corporate laws of its jurisdiction. So, if one wants to establish a Public Limited Company in the UK, he/she must follow all the laws of the country and register it under the appropriate category.

Production Process: All the activities related to supply chain management, quality control, logistics and auditing must be performed by the Board of Directors of the Public Limited Company. The production process includes the manufacturing, logistics, quality control, auditing, etc. The Board of Directors of the Public Limited Company also decide the audit plan, which includes the scope of the audit, the reports to be presented at the audit meeting and the final say on whether the audit has been successful or not. The supply chain management audit report will include the audit report, the supply chain overview report and the final audit report.

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