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Lean Packaging & Supply Chain Management takes the guesswork out of managing your inventory. No matter what size your warehouse or production facility, you can apply a comprehensive method for reducing waste, including excess inventory, excessive stock levels, excess transportation costs and excess inventory storage. The purpose of this article is to educate the reader on the elements of successful procuring and maintaining a lean manufacturing environment so that they can utilize the tools for their own firm or company needs.

Lean Packaging improves the flow of goods in and out of the production facility by improving all aspects of the supply chain. This includes the physical characteristics of the goods being processed, their pricing and availability. One of the best ways to improve inventory management is to ensure your warehouse is properly stocked and that there are adequate amounts of protective packaging for your goods. A reduction in wasted space results from the reduction of over-packing, an occurrence that takes place when goods are transported in closed box trailers without any protection from moisture, heat or light. Improved packaging and better packaging materials also lead to cost savings. Improved inventory tracking and reporting means that items of outstanding inventory can be identified and purchased much more quickly leading to improved cash flow.

In addition to minimizing waste and improving your overall control of your warehouse, lean manufacturing optimization methods also improve your logistics system. This improvement process requires that your firm take stock of its entire warehouse, including floor plans, square footage, storage capacity and any information that may impact the operation. Once you have identified areas of improvement, then you can implement solutions to optimize your inventory management system and its operations.

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