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A process flow diagram (PFD) is a chart that is used in manufacturing and chemical engineering to identify the main flow of industrial plant procedures and material used in production. It represents an important tool for engineers and other persons involved in the supply chain management of plant operations. The PFD does not reveal minor details like pipe designations and other minor aspects like piping details, which makes it very useful for engineers while estimating the requirements of the customers. It helps in reducing waste of materials and preventing undesired situations that may lead to breakdowns and damage. Besides this, the process flow diagram also indicates the relationships among different elements of the production and the relationships among them are very essential for the accurate measurement of performance of the production.

The most important concept of the process flow diagram includes 24 boxes or zones. Each box corresponds to a stage of the process and the size of the box is always given in proportional terms. The larger the size of the box, the larger is the area of the pipes or piping that are involved in that particular stage. For instance, the largest box in the zone designated as main body of the system corresponds to the largest part of the entire system. Similarly, the smaller boxes or zigzags in a zone indicate small pipes or piping that are involved in that stage.

There are different types of process flow diagrams such as the process flow diagram (PFD), the process works flow (PW FD), the process heat transfer (PHT), and the cooling process flow diagram (CGH). Each of these different types has specific functions, which are significant in the calculation of the requirements of the production and the management of the resources. The process flow diagrams usually represent the output as well as the input and are mostly used to optimize the operation and provide guidance on how the production can be carried out. Some of the processes on which they are based include the following:

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