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In any manufacturing or production operation, workflow is always a vital element, whether you are dealing with just one or thousands of products. The type of work involved in each process plays a huge role in determining the final outcome and the time it will take to get the job done. This is where batch processing can be so useful and advantageous, allowing for processes to be completed faster and with less materials or inventory being required. It allows for a chain of command to be established within the warehouse and then supplies are brought to the processing line as required.

What is a batch? A batch is a unit of measurement or batch number and it is often denoted by a letter (e.g. BB) which identifies the batch number, its date and the quantity being manufactured or produced. The first step in any process is the preparation of the raw data before proceeding to the next step. The steps in a batch are then separated into different batches which are then broken down even further to smaller components. This is when you would identify a batch, for example if a pallet is to be assembled, then that specific batch is the first step and then the rest of the items or goods required for the assembly can be added to that particular batch.

If you have many batches to sort through then it may take some time for you to establish a set-up time. Setting up time means that the batches should be made ready and then sorted, but without any delays in the process, so that things can be completed as needed. The only way to establish a set-up time is by using a timer that can be triggered by staff when a batch is ready for collection and then divided up into other smaller batches. This helps to keep the manufacturing process moving along efficiently and in accordance with established production plans and schedules and also helps to prevent loss or damage to material and products.

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