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Prior Information Notices ( PINs) are public notifications used by federal buyers of large-scale goods and services. Usually issued by the U.S. Department of Defense, PINs alert the broader market that a particular company has a certain urgent production need which will require such support from an external supplier. The notification generally includes a description of the goods to be produced, a detailed plan of how the work will be executed, a list of all staff employed to handle the work and the exact budget approved for the project.

The goal of a PIN is to provide a significant competitive advantage to the prospective vendor while serving as a trigger for timely delivery. An important requirement of a successful PIN is a detailed description of the project. The description should include a description of the process, goals, objectives, time lines and resources required. It also should include a description of the suppliers to be utilized and a competitive analysis of the suppliers, which should be specified in the budget and business plan. In addition, prior information notice requirements must include the suppliers' websites.

Prior Information Notices serve an important role in ensuring that adequate resources are available for a procurement exercise. The creation of a PIN allows users to enter the proper pricing variables and dates, thus allowing contract negotiations to occur at mutually convenient times. Furthermore, a properly implemented PIN ensures that adequate quantities of the required goods and services are available for contract negotiations. The use of prior information notice templates, coupled with expert negotiators, ensures that sufficient quantities of goods or services are available to meet projected demand.

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