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Supply chain management (or Supply chain optimization, henceforth SMM) is the science of optimally managing a company's production processes to ensure maximum capacity and efficiency. Supply chain management also involves the development of a quality control program to ensure supply chain capabilities are consistent and accurate. The objective of this science is to minimize variability in the performance of the production process so as to achieve consistency and accuracy in output. Supply chain management includes aspects of the material handling, manufacturing, distribution, and end-to-end delivery processes of any business. This science strives to minimize cost, improve service, and extend customer satisfaction. Supply chain management is often implemented alongside manufacturing techniques to assure that products are produced to the highest standards possible.

Preventative maintenance refers to preventive maintenance practices applied by facility managers to ensure that facilities are operating at optimum levels and are able to cater to their customers and operations. Preventative maintenance is often referred to as an 'on-time percentage rate'; facility managers aim to have an on-time percentage rate of 90% or higher. Facility maintenance is the management of such factors as equipment efficiency, facility condition, and human capital. Facility maintenance techniques may include equipment repairs, preventive procedures for critical illnesses and injuries, and environmental clean-up, to name a few. Facility managers use various strategies to reduce facility downtime, including scheduling, repairing, replacing and upgrading equipment, and improving overall facility operations.

Cost effective preventive maintenance techniques are applied in a variety of enterprise level activities such as: facilities management, asset control, inventory management, distribution, and customer service. In some cases, preventive maintenance is combined with automated systems to make them more effective. Preventative maintenance methods can include inspections of facilities, inspection processes for safety standards and certification, training of personnel, and emergency plan formulation. This can help businesses to save costs associated with premature maintenance, prevent injury to staff, and enhance customer service.

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