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Pitch is a mental property of verbal descriptions which enables their ordering on a frequency - to a point. The physical production/supply chain begins with the idea of pitch and works its way through all the intermediate physical stages, including material, product, labor/time spent on it, etc. It then works its way up through the entire supply chain of physical products until the final consumer (you) receives it. I think that if we could capture the mental state of pitch in the form of a graphical representation, it would be easier for us to understand the relationship between the different stages of the supply chain. If we could also tie this mental representation of pitch to some kind of mathematical metric, then maybe we would be able to better understand the order-of-occurrence relationship.

The easiest way to think about pitch is as a vibration of a string, if you will. Each note has a corresponding frequency, which can be thought of as pitch. In musical notation, the notes that are played in a song are classified into groups of pitches: A-weighted, B-weighted, C-weighted, D-weighted, E-weighted, F-weighted, G-weighted, A flat, B flat, C sharp, and D sharp. So a song with four C notes (A#), two A notes (B), one C note (D), and one B note (E) would be a C major, A minor, B major, C flat, D sharp, E flat, F sharp.

Now let's say that we play the song "Water Music" by Eric Clapton without even using our fingernails, but rather by our hearing. How would the pitch relationship among A#', B#', C#', and D#' evolve? Would we eventually wind up with A minor, B major, C flat, or D sharp? I believe so, and if so, this article may shed light on how we can improve our pitch awareness.

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