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A supply chain management system (SCMS) assists in tracking the movement of goods from the supplier's point of origin through the manufacturing process until it reaches the final stage in the warehouse. This allows you to determine where there are problems with your product or if the goods are on their way to the customer. This system uses an advanced system of interconnecting systems to locate where the greatest opportunity exists for increased production. For example, a product may need to be processed in the United States before it can be exported abroad.

If you are unfamiliar with SCM, it helps to explain the process by using an analogy. Say you want to send a package of chocolate from the factory to your home. First, you must locate a warehouse that has enough storage capacity to store the huge box full of chocolate. The location of the warehouse will depend on the total number of boxes that you need to store, as well as the average height of the items in each box and the time it takes to pick the item and load it into the truck.

Once the warehouse has been found, you place the order with your wholesaler or distributor. In this case, the warehouse would be our third-party logistics integrator. SCM is used to provide a detailed description of the warehouse so that your actual warehouse visit can occur with minimal disruption to your production or sales activities. With this in mind, our company offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that will help you manage your warehousing needs. Our proficient and trained consultants can assist you in designing the perfect SCM solution to meet all of your fulfillment, shipping, and pickup requirements.

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