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The term "Performance Visibility" is a broader meaning that can encompass many business functions, but most specifically MSPs' capabilities to deliver comprehensive visibility into their customer's business critical programs. When first stated, the ability to provide visibility into the business data associated with a particular program or process means being able to see exactly what is happening in the system. It also means that when a change is made to this system - be it a new application, integration with a new system or application installation - that this change will immediately be reflected in the supply chain management application and the overall visibility that this provides to the business. Therefore, the ability to see the actual change in the system is very important, especially for controlling and reaping the benefits quickly following a change.

To this end, MSPs can provide a range of Metrics to their clients to help them achieve this desired level of visibility. These metrics are typically seen in the form of reports, dashboards or in other graphical presentations to help present the overall performance visibility and health of the business. The key metrics are then used by the business to determine what actions need to be taken to further improve performance and control health, and this process can even be automated if the business needs it. With the increased use of performance monitoring tools such as Performance Monitoring Tools (PMT), companies have been able to effectively reduce the time involved in assessing and managing the systems, and the reduction in human error has helped make this even more important.

Other examples of ways in which performance visibility and control can be achieved include through the use of automated alerts, monitoring tools such as alert management dashboards, custom web portal designs, automated monitoring of critical processes, and more. Some of these automated alerts may include emails, SMS, or even VOIP calls triggered by specific metrics. Similarly, some businesses may choose to run custom web portals which contain all of the information regarding their metrics. All of these ways of providing performance monitoring and control prove highly effective, not only for businesses looking to improve their performance but also to ensure the accuracy of the data provided.

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