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What are Performance Standards? Performance standards have been established and approved by management for their staff at the start of a certain year or quarter. Generally, it contains a specific plan or guidelines on how the employees can have direct guidance regarding the company s journey so they will be aware of the goals that they need to accomplish with the company s products or services. There are various Performance Standards and one of them is Warehouse Inventory Control and Data Protection which is also known as WDI.

The performance standards for Warehouse Inventory Control and Data Protection includes the implementation of proper labeling system for each and every product that will be stocked in the warehouse. This will help the employees identify each product whether it is good or not and then only after proper labeling system should they place the products in stock. It is important that the employees know the significance of placing products with high standards in inventory because if they will mark it as defective then the company will be held liable for any damages or injuries that might happen to the client and employees. The other thing that is contained in this standard is the management's instruction on how the personnel should record and handle each and every transaction that happens in the warehouse. These things are important because if these things are not done according to the standard then the company will be held responsible for any damages or injuries that happen to the client and employees.

So, if you want to achieve good results in your business then it is important that you establish your company s performance standards and make sure that you provide your employees with all the instructions that they need to follow. The employees should know the importance of recording each and every activity that takes place in the warehouse because if these things are not recorded then there are chances that there will be missing or wrong measurements. If these measurements are not taken then there are chances that the company will be liable for those things. Performance standards will help the employees of a certain organization to reach their goals in a certain period of time and that without having to worry about being rejected by the clients of different companies because they have set high standards when it comes to their work. So, always make sure that you establish good performance standards for every employee of yours.

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