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The first of a two-part series examining the role of Peppercorn Contractors (PCs) in the supply chain management processes of warehousing, production, and distribution requires a review of the basic warehouse operations. Specifically, we will consider the three phases of the production, procurement, and storage processes and evaluate the impact of a PC contract with a supplier of products to your business. In this article, we shall discuss logistics, inventory, and staffing and consider how an effective PC contract can support these key functions.

When sourcing a supplier of goods, the decision to engage a PC is based on the supplier's ability to meet all your customer requirements, meet your budget constraints, and deliver on time and within the required specifications. To evaluate this ability, contract with a PCC - a not for profit organization that sets standards based on the global performance of its member companies. As a member of the PCC, a PC contracts company is required to annually submit reports outlining its progress meeting the standards set by its industry peers. In addition to the standard reporting requirement, a PCC should also be able to provide you with a confidential 30-day consultation providing you with additional information and discussing the contract with you and your chief executive.

The second phase of this two-part series examines how a PCC can provide strategic direction and guidance in reducing waste in your production process and improving your sourcing. In order to do this, a PC contract should have a principal supplier who has been a long-term partner within the council and has the expertise, commercial acumen, and political support to lead and develop the PCC's business strategies. The Wyberton/Oxley borough chief executive and his team are responsible for the development of the strategic plan. The chief executive should have experience in the production, procurement, and supply chains processes of the business to help ensure that the business is positioned to continue leading the industry in its core competencies. If this doesn't include experience within the procurement and supply chains of your industry peers then your consultant should know someone who does.

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