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A part-exchange or bridge contract is an agreement. In a part trade, rather than one party to the agreement paying for goods and services, both parties provide goods/services to each other, the first party providing part money and part raw materials, and the second party supplies its own goods and services. This arrangement allows both parties to maintain their stocks of good and raw materials, so that they can meet their requirements. Usually these exchanges are designed to create a market between two companies, where there exists a need or want for the products and services that are exchanged.

Part-Exchange Dealers assist many buyers with purchasing their own inventory. They also help repair cars, services old cars, and sell parts or used cars. These kinds of dealers are usually found online, but some still work locally. It doesn't matter where you find them, all that matters is that you do business with them. Some of the major advantages of Part-Exchange dealers is that they assist the buyer in buying his part or used car. They help the buyer avoid scam or old car salesman.

Part-Exchange dealers seem like they are always there waiting for you to sign up or get in on the deal. However in reality most times it is the other way around. The buyers seems like they never have the time to shop around or research dealers, which means when it is time for them to sign the paperwork, they often jump at the best price. If you are a buyer, then you will most likely get the best price that you can.

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