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Is it possible that the recent outbreak of the deadly Panda virus in the swine flu could have been a symptom or an early warning of a much bigger pandemic? Recent flu outbreaks in small countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, China and other Southeast Asian nations have all led to massive restrictions on travel, trade and movement of people. These limitations have caused by the effects of these situations on various aspects of production and supply chain management. If pandemic viruses are found to be prevalent in a particular country's HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) software, then this could signal a lack of coordination with vendors and suppliers within the nation.

Disruptions in the pandemic could have also created opportunities for rethinking supply chains in several new directions. When large-scale industry groups can no longer guarantee a consistent flow of critical materials and labor, companies will seek new and innovative sources of these components for managing their own operations. The rapid rate of change in information technology means there is a high likelihood of a complete breakdown in communication lines between the business and their vendors. If the pandemic is followed by a large-scale disaster in a major urban area, then this could lead to a breakdown in public transportation and basic utilities that affects both supply chains and transportation.

While the recent pandemic was a one-time occurrence, the question is does this mean that it will not affect HVAC equipment and supplies going forward? Most commercial HVAC equipment and supplies are building to resist sudden changes, but there is always a chance that a disruption in transportation and communications could occur again. Historically, this type of eventuality has lead to a large amount of system rework and rebuilding that eats into profits and disrupts the daily operations of companies. With the potential for huge losses, companies need to take the following eight steps to be prepared for the next outbreak. These steps are designed to help companies manage the risk of a disruptive and crippling pandemic.

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