CIOP Module-5 Learning Outcome Questions


Differentiate between demand, supply, volume and mix.
How demand is different from want?
Why supply chain professionals are more concerned with demand than want?
Explain the five steps of S&OP Process.
List out the data required to perform S&OP.
Define family.
What are all the factors that aggregates models into family?
Who are all the members that participates in S&OP meeting and what do they contribute?
Draw business & product hierarchy pyramid.
Give examples of the typical units of measures used in S&OP.
What are all the different methods adopted in forming families.
While implementing S&OP what are all the typical criteria used in selecting a pilot family?
What are all the benefits of implementing S&OP?
Is it mandatory that an organisation need to have an ERP to implement S&OP?

Please follow the below guidelines to have a better understanding of the Learning Outcome Questions.
1. Please refer your class notes.
2. Please refer the class presentations.
3. Please go through the appropriate Supply Chain or Procurement reference books given in this link. The list of books may be exhaustive, so take advantage of college or university or Government libraries.

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