CIOP Module-3 Learning Outcome Questions


1. Define Organisation.
2. Differentiate between capability and capacity.
3. What is a vision?
4. Explain the vision of five global companies?
5. Why vision is important to an organisation?
6. How vision helps to transform a supply chain?
7. What is mission?
8. Explain the mission of five global companies?
9. Compare and contrast between vision and mission.
10. What are values?
11. Explain the values of one global organisation.
12. How values guide an organisation in delivering its mission and achieving its vision?
13. Propose vision, mission, and values of a hypothetical organisation and why it is so?
14. What are the three key resources needed for a manufacturing organisation?
15. Compare demand, capacity, and priority.
16. Draw and explain MPC framework.
17. List out the four levels of planning MPC.
18. List out the four levels of capacity planning.
19. Illustrate with examples the level of detail and management involvement under the four levels of planning.
20. Describe master plan.
21. What is planning horizon?
22. Explain planning bucket.
23. What is the relationship between planning bucket and planning horizon?
24. What are all the factors influencing planning bucket?
25. How to determine the planning horizon for a manufacturing organisation?
26. What are all the tools you have at your disposal to solve the demand and capacity mismatch and vice versa?
27. Why master scheduling and material requirements planning have the same planning horizon?
28. What is the meaning of rolling plan?
29. Outline the typical characteristics of strategic plan.
30. What are functional business plans?
31. Explain the United Nations Global Compact.
32. What is the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how it is impacting supply chains?
33. List out the four production strategies.
34. Explain chase strategy.
35. Explain level strategy.
36. Explain contract strategy.
37. Explain hybrid strategy.
38. Where chase strategy is a good candidate?
39. Explain the conditions that need to be met to operate a level strategy.
40. Why contract strategy is a viable option in some manufacturing situations?
41. Have you mastered in developing a level strategy for a manufacturing organisation?
42. Have you mastered in developing a chase strategy?
43. Have you mastered in developing a contract strategy?

Please follow the below guidelines to have a better understanding of the Learning Outcome Questions.
1. Please refer your class notes.
2. Please refer the class presentations.
3. Please go through the appropriate Supply Chain or Procurement reference books given in this link. The list of books may be exhaustive, so take advantage of college or university or Government libraries.

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