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CIOP is an end-to-end supply chain certification program that focuses on practical aspects in addition to the theoretical concepts. For example, a typical supply chain certification may teach what is cycle counting and how to do the ABC classification. CIOP starts with these fundamental concepts and goes on to teach the participants to develop the cycle counting policy of an organisation, 10+ criteria used in ABC classification, multi-criteria ABC classification and cycle counting best practices to increase the efficiency and effectiveness. In case of CIOP, you learn the concepts and will be ready to implement in your day-to-day job in supply chain. The pedagogy is structured such a way that all the concepts are explained with industry examples, which makes CIOP as the preferred training and certification program for supply chain within the industry.


A balanced scorecard, also known as the balanced scorecard approach, is an approach performance management tool, a tool used by managers in various organizations to measure the performance of the different team members in their influence on the growth of the organization, in their given strategic area, and to track the results of these efforts on a periodic basis. It is essentially a visual display of how the team members of an organization are performing their role as part of a team and what effects their efforts are having on the organization's performance as a whole. There are three main components of the balanced scorecard that managers can use in their efforts to create such a vision. These are called the objectives, measures, and alerts.

The objectives are the strategic goals of the organization, which are then translated into operational objectives that are needed to support the strategic plans. These objectives can cover everything from the day-to-day decisions of employees all the way up to the largest strategic plan ever created. The measures can relate to anything that affects the production or distribution of goods and services within an entire company, from the people who make these products and services to the facilities where they are produced and stored. Finally, there are the strategic maps, which will allow the managers to see at a glance what effect their efforts are having on the larger organizational picture. This allows for an easy assessment of what tools and capabilities are currently available to the company, as well as what future tools may be necessary for success.

A balanced scorecard does not attempt to measure the raw skills and abilities of the team members as individuals. The strategic objectives are what managers should be looking to measure as part of this vision. This involves a series of interrelated objective and measure views that are based on the strengths and weaknesses of individual employees as well as the capabilities of organizational teams. By putting all of these perspectives together in the context of the organization's goals and objectives, the resulting strategic map is one that will help to make sure that the team members understand what is expected of them. This provides them with a framework for doing so, and helps to ensure that they remain dedicated and committed to achieving the goals of the organization as they work towards those goals.

Certified Inventory Optimization Professional 

CIOP is an end-to-end supply chain certification that contains 30 modules such as Introduction to Supply Chain Management, All About Inventory, Production Planning System, Strategic Business Planning, Sales & Operations Planning, Master Scheduling, Material Requirements Planning, Demand Management, Capacity Management, Forecasting, Production Activity Control, Procurement, Order Quantities, Independent Demand Ordering Systems, Warehouse Management, Transportation Management, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Introduction to Quality, Introduction to Packaging, Introduction to Process, Lean, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Theory of Constraints, Supply Chain Technologies, Supply Chain Techniques, Industry 4.0, International Standards and Supply Chain Risk, Safety and Security. 

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