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The 5S approach is built around 5 pillars: Sort, Standardize, Shape, Shine and Support. Its goal is to remove unproductive waste, increase productivity and enhance the bottom line by streamlining several business processes. To help people and industry to fully capitalize on the following benefits, several industry leading companies have developed a complete 5S Kaizen guide. In the past, many companies have implemented systems and tools that improve productivity in their respective areas of operation such as warehouses and distribution hubs. However, these tools can only be effective if they are properly implemented and followed in a well-organized manner by the company.

The five aspects of the five-sigma methodology are: Reduce, Standardize and Shape in which improvement efforts focus on eliminating unnecessary activities in an area while standardizing and Shape focuses on improving the production of a value stream by identifying the assets that provide value for the entire operation. The value stream is then standardized in terms of end-products and then standardized in terms of pricing and other associated activities. Finally, to improve your Lean Inventory Management, you must standardize your warehouse's workflow by ensuring that all employees are trained on how to fill out required forms, how to handle stock pick-ups and how to perform routine inventory tasks such as label picking. Lastly, in implementing Lean Inventory Management, you must improve your warehouse by improving its standard inventory processes. For instance, to reduce wastes in the manufacturing area, new machine shop technologies, automated conveyor systems and other technology improvements in the manufacturing process are necessary.

The five-sigma system of manufacturing control also includes five key aspects of the manufacturing environment: automation, workforce management, quality management and the overall organization's efficiency. The goal of the lean manufacturing system is to maximize the value of the organization in all areas of its operations. It does this by eliminating wastes in any area where the savings can be made. Waste elimination includes everything from eliminating the use of unnecessary labor to reducing or eliminating packaging and shipping costs. Finally, lean manufacturing also focuses on improving the performance of your employees through training and better supervision of your employees. In the end, the goal of the 5S program is to improve productivity, improve profitability and ultimately increase the satisfaction of your customers.

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