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The 3F1M solution is a very powerful enterprise level software solution designed specifically to optimize the workflow of large corporations. It is an open source solution created by Sony Computer Entertainment America. It was developed by the Electronic Software Development company to take full advantage of the new technology of digital imaging and video games. As its name implies, it offers users the capability of recording and streaming high quality video streams directly from the video game servers to any personal computer or laptop. This method is called "Videopilot", which enables users to record entire gaming sessions.

It is because of this technology that Sony Computer Entertainment America has been able to reduce warehouse overhead by up to 60%. By using a standard configuration interface, it allows any user to connect to a gaming station and stream live video from the server to any compatible laptop or personal computer. It also utilizes a new power jack feature which means no separate wiring is required. A wireless switch is also used to enable remote users to control the computer system remotely via the internet without any additional hardware or software.

In addition to this innovative technology, this product also features a variety of useful features which make it useful in a number of unique capacities. A great example is the fact that it comes with separate recording modes for both recording PC games and recording the results of any other tasks undertaken on the unit. It also features a "capture" button which allows the user to record the desktop videos directly from the PC using different popular video editing programs. Other useful features include a notification LED that notifies the user when there is a power loss within the system, and various different slots for different plug-in and printer devices such as scanners, USB drives and memory sticks.

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