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Warehouse Design and Operations Professional (WDOP) certification from Fhyzics imparts the participant's warehouse functional design skills and operations management best practices. WDOP program has twenty modules and is delivered in forty hours. Venkadesh Narayanan is the lead faculty and is supported by the associate faculties. The program includes training, six months of access to Fhyzics’ LMS, one attempt for the WDOP examination and WDOP certificate.

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08-April-2023 [Saturday]

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Venkadesh Narayanan
APICS Recognised Instructor

He is a Mechanical Engineer and an MBA with over 30 years of experience in Supply Chain Consulting and SCM Training. He is a former member of the Indian Civil Services (IRAS 2000 Batch). Venkadesh Narayanan is the Principal Consultant at Fhyzics Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd. and holds professional certifications such as WDOP, CSCP, CPIM, CIOP, CPSE, NPDP, CBAP, CPP, CPRE-FL, and PMI-PBA. You are most welcome to be part of his LinkedIn network.
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Who Should Attend?

Supply Chain Professionals; Warehouse Managers; Warehouse Executives; Warehouse Design Consultants; Functional Consultants in SCM; and Anyone who would like to make a career in Warehouse Management.

Session Snapshots

Excerpts from WDOP Sessions
Supply Chain: Warehouse Design - Open Model


The Four Flows
Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Strategy
Supply Chain Risk

WDOP Program Highlights

Experienced Faculty

WDOP taught by Venkadesh Narayanan has over 30 years of experience in SCM.

Session Notes

The session is taught using smart board, so you will get access to the notes written by

Fhyzics LMS

You will get more resources to master the supply chain concepts.


WDOP Certificate helps you to demonstrate your mastery of warehousing design and operations.

Hours of Training
WDOP Mock Examinations
WDOP Multiple-Choice Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We’d like to answers all your queries related to WDOP
Q1. About Fhyzics
Fhyzics Business Consultants Pvt. Ltd. – a boutique business consulting firm specialising in supply chain management, procurement, business analysis and new product development. Fhyzics offers consulting, certifications, and civil services training and conducts conferences. Fhyzics represents the Association of Supply Chain Management (ASCM/APICS), USA; Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS), UK; EEP of International Institute of Business Analysis, IIBA, Canada; REP of International Requirements Engineering Board, IREB, Germany; Indian Affl. of Product Development and Management Association, PDMA, USA.
Q2. List of certifications offered by Fhyzics
Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP), ASCM/APICS, USA.
Certified in Planning and Inventory Management (CPIM), ASCM/APICS, USA.
Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD), ASCM/APICS, USA.
Certified Inventory Optimization Professional (CIOP), IISCM, India.
Certified Beginner in Supply Chain (CBSC), IISCM, India
Warehouse Design and Operations Professional (WDOP), IISCM, India
Diploma in Procurement and Supply (CIPS L4), CIPS, UK
Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations (CIPS L3), CIPS, UK
Certificate in Supply and Operations (CIPS L2), CIPS, UK
Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply (CIPS L5), CIPS, UK
Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply (CIPS L6), CIPS, UK
Certified Professional in Sourcing Excellence (CPSE), IISCM, India
Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), IIBA, Canada
Certification of Capability in Business Analysis (CCBA), IIBA, Canada
Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA), IIBA, Canada
Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE-FL), IREB, Germany
New Product Development Professional (NPDP), PDMA, USA
Q3. Where can I find the complete list of certifications offered by Fhyzics?
Please visit our certifications website at www.CertVersity.in
Q4. How to contact the certifications manager?
Click here to schedule a meeting with the certifications manager; speak to her at +91-900-304-9000 or email her at certifications@fhyzics.net.
Q5. How to reach Fhyzics Office?
Click here for the google map link. Our office address is 34 Sigamani Nagar, 3rd Street, Madipakkam, Chennai, INDIA 600091.
Q6. Does Fhyzics offer an EMI scheme for the certifications?
Participants can pay the fee in up to two instalments.
Q7. Do you offer placement assistance?
Fhyzics doesn’t offer any placement assistance, but whenever corporates approach us for certified candidates, we share the entire list of interested students with the organisations. For this, we do not charge the students or companies any fee. Students primarily seek Fhyzics training to get a good quality education and to earn international professional certifications.
Q8. Where can I find testimonials from past students?
Please click here to learn more about the testimonials.
Q9. May I speak to your past students for a better understanding?
Yes. Please speak to the certification manager; she will get the past candidates' permission and provide their contact numbers.
Q10. Fhyzics General Conditions of Contract (GCC) for certifications.
Please click here to review Fhyzics General Conditions of Contract (GCC).
Q1. WDOP stands for

Warehouse Design and Operations Professional

Q2. How many modules are there in WDOP?
20 Modules 
Q3. Is WDOP a single examination?
Yes, WDOP is a single Examination
Q4. What are all the steps to achieve WDOP credential?
Check eligibility; Enrol in training program; Attend Training; Practice LMS; Pre -Exam Validation; Book WDOP Exam; Take WDOP Exam;
Q5. How to prepare for the WDOP examination?
Step-1: Prepare each topic thrice using the Text Book of Learning System.
Step 2: Undertake the quizzes in Fhyzics LMS.
Step 3: Take the quizzes and examinations in the ASCM Portal of Learning System.
Q6. Is the WDOP examination a tough one to crack?
WDOP is a moderately difficult examination. Undergoing training and good preparation will help one to succeed in this globally renowned examination.
Q7. Can I download WDOP estimate?
Click here to download the estimate.
Q8. Can I attend a WDOP demo session?
Click here to schedule a WDOP demo in one of the available slots.
Q9. Can I get Fhyzics’ WDOP brochure?
Click here to download CSCP brochure.
Q1. What is the duration of the WDOP training?
About twenty weeks of training. Each session is for about three hours.
Q2. How long is the WDOP training conducted?
You will be attending twenty weeks of training.
Q3. What is the mode of delivery for the training?
At present, Fhyzics offers only an online mode of training. But we can consider classroom training for corporate batches.
Q4. Who is the WDOP trainer?
A certified panel of faculties will be delivering the program. Venkadesh Narayanan is the lead faculty. Click here for his profile. You are most welcome to get connected with him on LinkedIn.
Q5. Is your training effective in clearing the WDOP examination?
We have trained thousands of candidates over the past ten years. Click here to review the testimonials, and click here to schedule a demo so that you can judge yourself.
Q1. What is Fhyzics LMS?
It is Fhyzics Learning Management System (LMS).
Q2. How Fhyzics LMS helps in my preparation?
You will undergo hundreds of objective-type questions to help you master in both the examination pattern and supply chain concepts.
Q3. How many WDOP mock examinations are available in LMS?
You will receive ten mock examinations. Each examination is for 3.5 hours and has 150 multiple-choice questions to mimic the WDOP examination so that you are better prepared for the real examination.
Q4. How long can I access Fhyzics LMS?
One year.
Q5. May I extend Fhyzics LMS access period?
Yes, you can extend with a nominal fee.
Q1. How many questions are there in the WDOP examination?
150 Questions
Q2. What is the duration of the WDOP examination?
3 hours
Q3. What is the passing score in the WDOP examination?
Q4. What is the WDOP examination pattern?
Multiple Choice Questions
Q5. Are there negative marks in the WDOP examination?
Q6. Is WDOP issued for life?



General Manager - IT, Ford Motor Company

Overall, we were highly satisfied with the professionalism and timely delivery of this training. Thank you Mr. Venkadesh and all the best to Fhyzics team to mentor and mold many more personnel associated with Supply chain Management in any capacity.

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