General conditions of contract are the general conditions that would hold for all the Contracts/Certifications at Fhyzics unless exceptions are duly mentioned. Conditions are in two sections Section A for Consulting and Section B for Certifications. Kindly read the appropriate section fully to avoid mishaps.


Section - A


  1. Any documents, images, files, process maps, reports, magazines, or any other form of documents in soft or hard copy or through any electronic storage devices will be maintained at Fhyzics for a period of 3 months from the date of submission of the invoice for that part/segment/phase of the project.
  2. In case of any disputes, Fhyzics will make every effort to resolve amicably and if unresolved, arbitration shall commence.
  3. All disputes are subject to Madras jurisdiction only.
  4. Fhyzics will not supply any software or application as part of the project. Such requirements shall be provided by the client.
  5. In scenarios if a consultant is required to travel to the client facility at locations outside of India, such costs shall be borne by the client that includes visa, travel, medical insurance, and accommodation.
  6. Fhyzics management reserves the right to amend the General Conditions of Contract to suit the prevailing business practices time-to-time without any notice.

Section - B


A. Enrolment
1. It is hereby advised to the participants that you shall completely evaluate the suitability of the course before joining the program. The fee once paid is neither refundable nor transferrable. Click here for the Enrollment Form.

B. Program Fee
1. Program fee paid is valid for one year from the date of enrolment within which participants are required to complete the training, preparation and examination.
2. Students approved for Equated-Monthly-Instalments (EMI) scheme shall provide the post-dated cheques (PDC) along with signature proof before the third session of the program.
3. Students pursuing the program on EMI scheme will be able to appear for the  Examination only after completing all the dues.

C. Communication
 1. All requests related to certifications shall be communicated to our Certifications Manager at certifications@fhyzics.net and no requests shall be entertained through phone or social media.
2. As Fhyzics’ program participants both corporates and individuals are from across the globe, Fhyzics takes measures to be in compliant with various data protection and privacy laws especially GDPR of EU. Hence, Fhyzics doesn’t form WhatsApp group or any other group that results in the compromise of contact details.

D. Training
1. Fhyzics has the right to assign any faculty to the program, who meets our stringent quality standards with relevant education and experience in the domains of supply chain management and procurement.
2. Due to administrative reasons classes may be scheduled or rescheduled with 2-days advance notice.
3. In case of situations beyond our control such as power outage or internet failure or act of God, the classes may be cancelled at the last moment, which will be duly informed immediately to the participants as soon as we are aware of the situation.
4. The participants are requested to join the classroom or online sessions at least 5 minutes before the commencement of the session.
5. Additional sessions conducted will be informed well in advance (3 days) and the participants need to plan accordingly.
6. The classroom discussions are not recorded either in video or audio format. Also sharing the classroom discussions in any form is strictly prohibited.

E. Shipments
1. In case of international shipments, the applicable courier charges shall be paid by the participant at-cost to Fhyzics.
2. In case of international shipments, the applicable customs duty shall be paid by the students to the shipping company.

F. Disclaimer
1. Fhyzics will not be liable to compensate or reimburse the cost incurred by the participants, including the opportunity cost due to last minute program cancellations.
2. The candidates are hereby advised that Fhyzics does not offer Job Assistance or Job Guarantee post the completion of the program.
3. Fhyzics reserves the right to amend this Terms and Conditions as and when it deems fit.

1. The presentations used are the Intellectual Property of Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited or the respective certification bodies. The online or classroom programs can neither be recorded nor photographed. Sharing, transmitting and copying in any form is strictly prohibited.

H. Legal
1. All disputes / differences / controversies of whatever nature between Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited and any participant / participating organisation and the said arbitration shall be governed by the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996. The place of arbitration shall be Chennai only.
2. In all cases where “Court” has jurisdiction to entertain, try and dispose of matters governed by and/arising under or taken under any provision of the said Act, the party/ies shall take/institute such proceedings in an appropriate Court in Chennai, India alone to the exclusion of all other courts in the rest of India.
3. All disputes, differences and controversies between the parties not covered under clauses A & B herein above shall be filed in and settled exclusively by the Courts in Chennai, India alone.

I. Feedback
1. Participants shall give their feedback or grievances about the session only through the Feedback Form.
2. If the above issue is not addressed within 10 business days, it can be escalated to the Certifications Manager by emailing to certifications@fhyzics.net.
3. If the issue is not resolved by the Certifications Manager within the 7 business days, it can be escalated to Principal Consultant, SCM by emailing to pc@fhyzics.net.
4. Raising issues or feedback during the session is prohibited and not useful. First, the faculties will not be able to solve the issue. Second, both faculty and students will lose the useful session time.

J. Data Privacy
1. As Fhyzics works with the various international bodies, we are compliant with the data protection laws.
2. The personal data such as Name, Email, Phone Number, Address etc. are used only by Fhyzics and its service providers to communicate with the client and will not be shared with any other parties.
3. Fhyzics will not share client or program participant details with others either through physical or electronic media.
4. Fhyzics discourages client and program participants NOT TO collect or share their personal data with others in a classroom or online meeting platforms or social media platforms (WhatsApp, LinkedIn etc.) and Fhyzics will not be liable for any consequences arising out of such activities.
5. Fhyzics staffs are not authorized to collect Credit Card, Debit Card and will not collect such details.
6. Your financial data protection is the responsibility of the respective payment gateway used by Fhyzics. In case of any compromises, Fhyzics is not liable rather the individual need to pursue with the payment gateway company.

Section - C

SOP ToolBox

  1. As part of the SOP ToolBox, you will receive SOP Templates, Forms, Checklists and Agreements of your choice. The number of templates depend on the package you have choosen. For additional SOPs, Forms, Checklists and Agreements you have to buy additional SOP ToolBoxes or we can provide customized estimates.
  2. Fhyzics’ SOP Team works from Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Indian Local Time). Any purchases done during this period will get a response within 4 hours. Purchases outside of this time will take up to one business days.
  3. Refund is NOT admissible after the commencement of delivery of our service either in part or full. Hence, we request potential clients evaluate the suitability of SOP ToolBox before purchase by asking for samples from our team. You can reach out to the SOP Team at +91-900-304-9000 (WhatsApp) or email at Consulting@Fhyzics.net.
  4. We take necessary care to recommend an exhaustive list of SOPs, Forms, Checklists and Agreements for you to choose from based on your industry or function or a combination of industry-function. The SOPs, Forms, Checklists and Agreements are templates only. Some degree of customization would still be required at your end.
  5. We would request you to provide your organization name, address, and logo to customize the SOP Documents.
  6. From the last date of providing the required information, the Fhyzics team will take 7 Business Days to deliver the SOPs, Forms, Checklists and Agreements.
  7. SOP ToolBox shall not be construed as a ready-to-download document or software. Rather it is specifically customized for your needs from our base SOP Document Repository.